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Installing Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole at Pakistan Chowk Lahore: A Case Study by for OBI

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Introduction:, a leading provider of SMD screens and digital signage solutions, recently undertook a project to install a Digital Sign-Pole at Pakistan Chowk Lahore for OBI, a prominent company. This case study delves into the process and outcomes of this installation, shedding light on the role of in enhancing OBI’s visibility and brand presence.

The Challenge:

OBI approached with a need to increase brand awareness and engagement at Pakistan Chowk Lahore, a bustling location with high foot traffic. The challenge was to find a solution that would effectively capture the attention of passersby amidst the busy surroundings.

Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole Selection:

To meet OBI’s requirements, recommended the installation of a Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole. The Leyard SMD technology offers high-resolution displays with vibrant colors, ensuring excellent visibility even in outdoor environments. This choice was ideal for Pakistan Chowk Lahore, where ambient light and diverse weather conditions could potentially affect visibility.

Installation Process:

The installation process began with a thorough assessment of the site and planning of the digital sign-pole placement.’s team meticulously prepared the area, ensuring proper foundations for the sign-pole. The Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole was then carefully assembled and integrated with OBI’s branding and messaging.

Technical Integration:’s technicians seamlessly integrated the digital sign-pole with OBI’s content management system, allowing for dynamic content updates and scheduling. This ensured that OBI could easily tailor their messaging to specific times of the day or promotional campaigns.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Before finalizing the installation, rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures were conducted to ensure optimal performance of the digital sign-pole.’s team meticulously checked for any technical glitches or display inconsistencies, guaranteeing a flawless viewing experience for the audience.

Deployment and Launch:

Once the installation and testing phases were completed, the Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole was officially deployed at Pakistan Chowk Lahore. OBI’s branding and promotional content were showcased on the vibrant display, instantly capturing the attention of pedestrians and commuters.

Impact and Results:

The installation of the Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole at Pakistan Chowk Lahore proved to be highly effective for OBI. The dynamic and eye-catching display significantly increased brand visibility and engagement, driving foot traffic to OBI’s nearby outlets. Passersby were drawn to the captivating visuals and informative content, leading to heightened brand awareness and recall.

Future Considerations:

Looking ahead, and OBI are exploring opportunities to expand their digital signage presence across other high-traffic locations. The success of the Digital Sign-Pole at Pakistan Chowk Lahore has demonstrated the potential of’s solutions in enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.


In conclusion, the collaboration between and OBI resulted in the successful installation of a Leyard SMD Digital Sign-Pole at Pakistan Chowk Lahore. This case study highlights the importance of innovative digital signage solutions in amplifying brand presence and attracting target audiences in dynamic urban environments. Through meticulous planning, technical expertise, and strategic deployment, continues to empower businesses like OBI to effectively communicate their message and drive growth.

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