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SMD Screen in Y Block DHA Lahore: A Story about “” and Optica’s Cool Digital Billboard

SMD Screen in Y Block DHA Lahore


In the busy streets of Y Block, DHA Lahore, where life moves quickly, technology plays a big role in grabbing people’s attention. This story is about how “,” a company with awesome SMD screens, teamed up with “Optica,” a glasses company, to bring something special to Y Block DHA Lahore.

Background of SMDLED.PK and Optica:

“” makes fantastic SMD screens, and “Optica” is a well-known glasses company that sells all kinds of eyewear.

The Big Idea:

Optica wanted to show off their glasses in a fun way, so they decided to put a big SMD screen in Y Block DHA Lahore. They asked “” for help, and together, they created something really cool.

Big SMD Screen in Y Block DHA Lahore: A Smart Move

  1. Picking a Good Spot: Optica didn’t just put the SMD screen anywhere. They chose a smart place in Y Block where many people walk and drive by. This makes it easy for lots of people to see Optica’s cool glasses. The big SMD screen from is in a great spot, and it helps everyone notice Optica’s glasses.
  2. Making Fun Videos: The SMD screen shows fun videos and pictures of Optica’s glasses. worked with Optica to make these videos look really nice. The colors are bright, and everything looks cool on the big SMD screen. The SMD screen is not boring – it shows videos that move and catch your eye. This way, people passing by can see how awesome Optica’s glasses are.

Making Optica’s Glasses Popular:

  1. More People Visiting Optica (Keyword: Optica): After putting up the big SMD screen, more people started going to Optica’s store. The cool videos on the SMD screen make people curious about Optica’s glasses, so they want to check them out in the store. The SMD screen is close to Optica’s store, and when people see it, they remember Optica’s name. This makes them more likely to go inside and look at the glasses.
  2. Playing with the SMD Screen: The SMD screen is not just for looking – you can also touch it! It’s like a big phone screen. People passing by can touch the screen to learn more about Optica’s glasses. They can even pretend to try on glasses without going inside the store. This is cool because it makes people feel like they are a part of the fun. Optica’s store becomes more than just a regular store; it becomes a fun place to visit and play with the SMD screen.

Checking If It’s Working and What’s Next:

  1. Counting How Many People Come: To see if the big SMD screen is helping Optica, they count how many people visit the store. Before the SMD screen, fewer people came, but now more people are interested in Optica’s glasses. They also check on social media to see what people are saying online about Optica and the big SMD screen in Y Block DHA Lahore. Many people talk about it, and this is good for Optica.
  2. Thinking about the Future: Because the big SMD screen works so well, and Optica are thinking about putting more screens in other cool places. They want to try new things like using fancy technology (like AR and AI) to make the SMD screens even more fun. The plan is to keep being creative and making new ideas so that Optica stays popular and people keep enjoying the cool SMD screens.


The story of the big SMD screen in Y Block DHA Lahore shows how working together and using cool technology can make advertising fun. Optica’s glasses become more popular, and the SMD screen makes people excited. This is a good example of how new ideas can make advertising better in the modern world.

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