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SMD Screens in Haveliyan: A Story of’s Big TV in the Town


In the small town of Haveliyan, something exciting is happening!, a company that gives people special screens, is making a big difference. This story talks about how put up a huge TV called a Digital Signage Billboard. This isn’t just about making the town look cool – it’s about helping local shops and bringing everyone together.

SMD Screens in Haveliyan


Haveliyan is a pretty town, but the local shops had a problem. Not enough people were coming in. saw this and had an idea. They wanted to use their special screens to make Haveliyan better.

smd screens in Haveliyan: A Big Plan

1. Looking at the Town:

Before put up the big TV, they looked at Haveliyan really carefully. They wanted to know where people go and what places are important. They found out that the main square and the market are where everyone hangs out. So, decided to put the big TV there.

2. Making it Right for Haveliyan:

The TV needed to be perfect for everyone in Haveliyan. It needed to show things in a way that young and old people would like. Also, it had to work even if the weather was bad. thought about all of this and picked the best TV for the town.

Putting Up the Big TV:

The people from and the town worked together to put up the big TV. They chose a good spot in the town square where everyone could see it. When they put it up, they made sure not to bother anyone. They wanted the TV to be part of the town without causing any problems.

The TV showed things like cool pictures, ads for local shops, and news about what’s happening. This made people more interested in going to the shops and checking out events in town.

smd screens in Haveliyan: Helping the Shops and Bringing People Together

1. Helping the Shops:

The big TV made a big difference for the shops in Haveliyan. The ads on the TV were so interesting that more people started coming to the shops. The shops could also show special deals in real-time, making people want to buy things.

Even people with small businesses could put their ads on the big TV. made it easy for them to show their stuff when they wanted. This helped everyone in the town – big shops and small ones.

2. Making Friends in Haveliyan:

The big TV wasn’t just for ads; it was also for having fun. The TV had special things that people could touch and play with. There were maps, event schedules, and even surveys to share thoughts. This made people feel more connected. They started going to events and markets more because they knew what was happening.


The big TV from made Haveliyan better. More people are going to the shops, and the town feels like a big family. showed that using special screens in a town can be really helpful. Haveliyan is now a cool place with the big TV, thanks to!

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