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Installation of an SMD Video Wall for Punjab Pharmacy by

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Introduction:, a leading provider of SMD screens, recently undertook the installation of an indoor SMD video wall for Punjab Pharmacy, a prominent establishment located in Bahria Town. This case study delves into the process and outcomes of this installation, highlighting the benefits brought about by the incorporation of advanced display technology.

Initial Assessment and Planning:

Before commencing the installation, conducted a thorough assessment of Punjab Pharmacy’s premises to determine the most suitable location and specifications for the SMD video wall. Factors such as the size of the area, lighting conditions, viewing angles, and content requirements were carefully considered during this phase.

Collaborative discussions between’s technical team and Punjab Pharmacy’s management ensured alignment of expectations and goals for the project. Clear communication regarding budget constraints, timeline, and desired functionalities played a crucial role in defining the scope of work.

SMD Video Wall For Punjab Pharmacy: Design and Implementation

Design Phase:

In accordance with Punjab Pharmacy’s branding guidelines and aesthetic preferences, proposed a sleek and modern design for the video wall. Utilizing state-of-the-art SMD screen technology, the design maximized visual impact while minimizing space requirements.

Through detailed mock-ups and simulations, Punjab Pharmacy was able to visualize the final product and provide feedback for any necessary adjustments. The design phase prioritized seamless integration with the existing interior décor of the pharmacy, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing display solution.

Implementation Process:

With the design finalized,’s installation team proceeded to implement the SMD video wall at Punjab Pharmacy. Meticulous attention was paid to every detail, from the placement of individual display panels to the wiring and connectivity infrastructure.

The installation process was conducted with minimal disruption to Punjab Pharmacy’s daily operations, thanks to careful planning and coordination.’s technicians worked efficiently to ensure timely completion of the project, adhering to the agreed-upon timeline.

Benefits and Outcomes:

The installation of the SMD video wall has yielded numerous benefits for Punjab Pharmacy, enhancing both its visual appeal and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Visual Communication:

The high-resolution display of the SMD video wall allows Punjab Pharmacy to showcase dynamic content such as promotional offers, product advertisements, and health awareness campaigns. This enables more engaging and effective communication with customers, helping to drive sales and increase brand visibility.

Improved Customer Experience:

The immersive visual experience created by the SMD video wall enhances the overall ambiance of Punjab Pharmacy, making it a more inviting and attractive destination for customers. The ability to display real-time information such as wait times, prescription status, and health tips further enhances the customer experience, reducing perceived wait times and improving satisfaction levels.


In conclusion, the installation of an SMD video wall by has proven to be a valuable investment for Punjab Pharmacy. By leveraging cutting-edge display technology, Punjab Pharmacy has enhanced its branding, communication, and customer experience capabilities. This successful collaboration between and Punjab Pharmacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative display solutions in retail environments.

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SMD Video Wall For Punjab Pharmacy

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