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Installation of SMD Digital Poster at Education Chowk, DHA Lahore by SMDLED.PK for OBI

In today’s digital age, effective advertising is crucial for businesses to reach their target audience. OBI, a renowned company, recognized this need and decided to enhance its marketing strategy by installing a digital cabinet signage at Education Chowk, DHA Lahore. To accomplish this, OBI partnered with SMDLED.PK, a leading provider of SMD screens. This case study delves into the process and impact of the installation.

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Introduction to SMD Digital Poster:

Digital cabinet signage, also known as digital poster displays, are modern advertising solutions that utilize LED screens to showcase dynamic content. Unlike traditional static signage, digital cabinet signage offers versatility and interactivity, allowing businesses to engage their audience effectively. These displays can be remotely controlled, enabling real-time content updates and targeted messaging.

SMD Digital Poster: Transforming Advertising at Education Chowk:

SMDLED.PK Collaboration with OBI:

The collaboration between SMDLED.PK and OBI marked a significant step towards revolutionizing advertising at Education Chowk, DHA Lahore. SMDLED.PK, renowned for its innovative SMD screens, was entrusted with the task of installing a digital cabinet signage for OBI. The project aimed to elevate OBI’s brand visibility and enhance its marketing efforts in a high-traffic area.

Customized Solution for OBI:

Prior to installation, SMDLED.PK conducted a thorough assessment of OBI’s advertising goals and target audience. This analysis facilitated the customization of the digital cabinet signage to align with OBI’s branding and messaging requirements. The SMD screen was meticulously tailored to showcase OBI’s products, promotions, and brand identity effectively.

Seamless Installation Process:

The installation process of the digital cabinet signage at Education Chowk was executed seamlessly by SMDLED.PK’s experienced team. Adhering to industry best practices and safety standards, the installation was completed efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. SMDLED.PK ensured that the signage was positioned strategically for optimal visibility and impact.

Dynamic Content Management:

One of the key features of the SMD digital poster installed by SMDLED.PK was its dynamic content management system. This system empowered OBI to effortlessly update and schedule content according to specific time slots and target demographics. OBI could showcase new products, promotions, and announcements in real-time, maximizing audience engagement and retention.

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Engagement:

The installation of the SMD Digital Poster at Education Chowk significantly enhanced OBI’s brand visibility and engagement. The vibrant display captivated the attention of passersby, effectively communicating OBI’s message and offerings. The dynamic content rotation ensured that the signage remained engaging and relevant, fostering a lasting impression among the audience.

Measurable Impact and ROI:

Post-installation, SMDLED.PK provided comprehensive analytics and insights to OBI, enabling them to evaluate the impact and ROI of the digital cabinet signage. Through metrics such as viewer impressions, engagement rate, and conversion rate, OBI gained valuable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. This data-driven approach facilitated informed decision-making and optimization of future marketing strategies.


The collaboration between SMDLED.PK and OBI exemplifies the transformative power of digital signage in modern advertising. By leveraging SMDLED.PK’s expertise in SMD screens and innovative technology, OBI successfully installed a SMD Digital Poster at Education Chowk, DHA Lahore, amplifying its brand visibility and engagement. The seamless installation process, coupled with dynamic content management capabilities, ensured that OBI’s message resonated with the target audience effectively. Moving forward, the partnership between SMDLED.PK and OBI sets a precedent for leveraging SMD Digital Poster to drive business growth and enhance customer engagement.

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SMD Digital Poster At Education Chowk DHA Lahore

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