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Digital Landmark: The SMD Screens at Haly Tower Lahore

SMD Screens at Haly Tower Lahore


In the heart of Lahore, the iconic DHA Haly Tower stands tall, a beacon of modern architecture and business. It was here that SMDLED.PK, a renowned provider of SMD screen technology, undertook a project to install a state-of-the-art digital signpole. This case study explores the journey of SMDLED.PK as they partnered with Haly Tower to enhance its digital presence.

Project Overview: SMD Screens at Haly Tower Lahore

The goal was clear: to install a digital signpole that not only served as an information hub but also as a digital landmark. The signpole needed to be robust, visually striking, and capable of withstanding Lahore’s diverse weather conditions.

Planning and Design

Assessing the Needs

SMDLED.PK began with a thorough assessment of Haly Tower’s requirements. The team considered factors such as the tower’s location, the average foot traffic, and the viewing distance to determine the optimal size and resolution for the SMD screen.

Customizing the Solution

The design phase involved customizing the digital signpole to fit the aesthetic and structural parameters of Haly Tower. The screen was to be flexible enough to display both static and dynamic content, including advertisements, announcements, and real-time information.

Installation Process

Structural Integration

The installation required precision and careful planning. The SMDLED.PK team worked closely with structural engineers to ensure that the signpole was securely anchored and electrically safe.

Technical Setup

The technical setup was crucial. The SMD screen was equipped with the latest software to manage content seamlessly. It was also calibrated for optimal brightness and contrast to ensure clear visibility even under direct sunlight.

Operational Excellence

Content Management

With the hardware in place, the focus shifted to content. SMDLED.PK provided a user-friendly content management system that allowed Haly Tower’s staff to update the screen with ease.

Maintenance and Support

Post-installation, SMDLED.PK offered comprehensive maintenance and support to ensure the digital signpole’s longevity and performance.

Impact and Results

Enhanced Visibility

The digital signpole quickly became a focal point at Haly Tower. It provided tenants and visitors with valuable information while also serving as an effective advertising platform.

Increased Engagement

The interactive capabilities of the SMD screen led to increased engagement. Passersby were drawn to the vibrant displays, and tenants appreciated the additional exposure for their businesses.


The installation of the digital signpole by SMDLED.PK at DHA Haly Tower is a testament to the power of digital technology in transforming business landscapes. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of SMD screens in enhancing communication and engagement in a corporate setting.

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