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Installation of an SMD Digital Signpole at SUI Gas Society Signal for OBI by

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Introduction:, a prominent provider of SMD screens, recently undertook the installation of an SMD digital signpole at the signal of SUI Gas Society for OBI, a leading company. This case study delves into the process and outcomes of this installation, highlighting the benefits brought about by the integration of advanced display technology.

Initial Assessment and Planning:

Prior to the installation, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the signal location at SUI Gas Society to determine the feasibility and optimal placement for the digital signpole. Factors such as traffic flow, visibility angles, and environmental conditions were taken into consideration during this phase.

Collaborative discussions between’s technical team and OBI’s representatives were crucial in defining the requirements and objectives of the project. Clear communication regarding budget constraints, content specifications, and regulatory compliance played a pivotal role in shaping the scope of work.

SMD Digital Signpole: Design and Implementation

Design Phase:

Based on the assessment findings and OBI’s branding guidelines, proposed a sleek and modern design for the digital signpole. Utilizing advanced SMD screen technology, the design maximized visibility and readability, even in varying lighting conditions.

Through detailed mock-ups and simulations, OBI was able to visualize the final product and provide feedback for any necessary adjustments. The design phase emphasized the importance of seamless integration with the surrounding environment, ensuring that the digital signpole complemented rather than detracted from the aesthetics of the area.

Implementation Process:

Once the design was finalized,’s installation team proceeded to implement the SMD digital signpole at the signal of SUI Gas Society. Careful attention was paid to every detail, from the structural stability of the signpole to the installation of the display screens and content management systems.

The installation process was conducted with utmost precision and adherence to safety standards, minimizing disruption to traffic flow and nearby residents.’s technicians worked efficiently to ensure timely completion of the project, with regular updates provided to OBI’s management throughout the process.

Benefits and Outcomes:

The installation of the SMD digital signpole has yielded numerous benefits for OBI, enhancing both its visibility and brand recognition.

Enhanced Visibility and Branding:

The high-resolution display of the digital signpole allows OBI to showcase dynamic content such as promotional offers, product advertisements, and community announcements. This heightened visibility at a busy signal location ensures that OBI remains top-of-mind for commuters and residents alike, thereby strengthening its brand presence in the area.

Improved Communication and Engagement:

The interactive nature of the digital signpole enables OBI to engage with its target audience in real-time, whether through informative messages, interactive games, or live updates. This fosters a sense of community engagement and connectivity, positioning OBI as a proactive and customer-centric organization.


In conclusion, the installation of an SMD digital signpole by has proven to be a valuable asset for OBI at the signal of SUI Gas Society. By harnessing the power of advanced display technology, OBI has enhanced its visibility, communication, and engagement capabilities in a key location. This successful collaboration between and OBI serves as a testament to the transformative impact of innovative display solutions in outdoor advertising and brand promotion.

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