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Installation of a Cabinet SMD Screen at Pakistan Chowk, DHA Lahore

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In the modern world, advertising has evolved significantly, with digital displays becoming a prominent medium for businesses to reach their target audience. This case study delves into the installation of a Cabinet SMD (Surface Mounted Device) screen at Pakistan Chowk, DHA Lahore, by, a leading provider of digital display solutions. The project was undertaken to cater to the advertising needs of OBI, a company seeking to enhance its commercial visibility.

Project Overview:, specializing in the installation of SMD screens, collaborated with OBI to install a Cabinet SMD screen at Pakistan Chowk, a bustling commercial hub in DHA Lahore. The objective was to leverage the high foot traffic in the area to showcase OBI’s advertisements effectively. The choice of a Cabinet SMD screen was strategic, considering its durability, high resolution, and suitability for outdoor environments.

Challenges Faced For Implementing Cabinet SMD Screen at Pakistan Chowk

  1. Technical Considerations: The installation process required meticulous planning to ensure the screen’s compatibility with the outdoor environment. Factors such as weather resistance, brightness levels, and power consumption needed to be carefully evaluated.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to local regulations and obtaining necessary permits posed a challenge. navigated the regulatory landscape efficiently to secure approval for the installation, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.
  3. Logistical Coordination: Coordinating the delivery and installation of the Cabinet SMD screen amidst the bustling environment of Pakistan Chowk demanded precise logistical planning. strategically managed the transportation and installation process to minimize disruptions to the surrounding area.

Implementation Process:

  1. Site Assessment: conducted a thorough assessment of Pakistan Chowk to determine the optimal location for the Cabinet SMD screen. Factors such as visibility, pedestrian flow, and structural integrity were taken into account to maximize the screen’s impact.
  2. Customization and Fabrication: The Cabinet SMD screen was customized to meet OBI’s specific requirements, including screen size, resolution, and branding elements. collaborated with OBI to design and fabricate a screen that aligned with the company’s branding and advertising objectives.
  3. Installation and Testing: A team of experienced technicians from carried out the installation process with precision and efficiency. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the seamless functionality of the screen, including image quality, brightness levels, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Benefits Realized: Cabinet SMD Screen at Pakistan Chowk

  1. Enhanced Visibility: The installation of the Cabinet SMD screen at Pakistan Chowk significantly enhanced OBI’s visibility among the target audience. The vibrant display and strategic location captured the attention of passersby, increasing brand awareness and engagement.
  2. Dynamic Advertising: OBI leveraged the dynamic capabilities of the SMD screen to deliver engaging and interactive advertisements. The versatility of digital content allowed for real-time updates and targeted messaging, maximizing the impact of the advertising campaign.
  3. Return on Investment: The investment in the Cabinet SMD screen yielded tangible returns for OBI, with increased foot traffic, brand recognition, and sales revenue. The cost-effectiveness and durability of the digital display ensured long-term value for the company.

Future Considerations:

As technology continues to evolve, and OBI remain committed to staying at the forefront of digital advertising innovation. Future considerations include exploring advanced features such as augmented reality integration, audience analytics, and eco-friendly display solutions to further enhance the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


The successful installation of the Cabinet SMD screen at Pakistan Chowk, DHA Lahore, exemplifies the collaborative efforts of and OBI in harnessing the power of digital advertising. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic planning, the project has effectively transformed a commercial space into a dynamic platform for brand promotion and engagement. As businesses continue to embrace digital displays as a key marketing tool, partnerships like this pave the way for innovative advertising solutions that drive growth and success in the modern marketplace.

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Cabinet SMD Screen at Pakistan Chowk

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